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A New Era of Clean

Covid19, SARS, Ebola, Zeka and the next potential pandemic have created an unprecedented and urgent need to keep offices, schools, stores, warehouses, healthcare facilities — ALL spaces — clean, not for a day, but each and every second of each and every day. And that’s a job for cleaning professionals deploying purpose-built disinfectant robots. PureTech robots from Black-I Environmental.

Our robots are autonomous, meaning they operate independently, without human involvement, once programmed. They are super efficient, particularly compared to manual disinfectant devices and employees equipped with soap, water and elbow grease. Available 24×7, they are programmed to follow a precise map with safeguards to ensure they don’t bump into people or things.

Critically, they achieve two important goals — they pay for themselves in a matter of months, sometimes just weeks, and they help bring customers and employees back to the workplace!

The video here features our ultraviolet light (UV-C) PureTech robot. Our Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) PureTech robot can be seen on the Newsletter page. This robot also can accommodate virtually any approved disinfectant that is being used by professional cleaners today.

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