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A New Era of Clean


The world is grateful for vaccines that combat Covid19. However, as the experts have warned us, this is not the last global epidemic we’ll experience, and we must prepare now for the next one. What was “clean” a year ago is not clean today. Not even close.

Black-I Environmental is in the vanguard preparing for the next pandemic while fighting Covid19 today. Shortly after the pandemic struck, we began leveraging our 14 years of robotics experience and expertise — including developing robotic devices with biologic, chemical and radiation sensing systems for the government and universities — to take on the virus. We’ve made our PureTech disinfectant robots available to healthcare, cleaning and other professionals charged with the job of ensuring that indoor space — hospitals, schools, offices, hotels, warehouses, gyms — are safe. Safe enough to ensure
the health of employees and customers. Safe enough to help establishments stay in business.

Our powerful, intelligent, autonomous robots are available any time, day or night, to clean indoor space as it’s never been cleaned before. They are programmed to operate independently, moving safely through mapped space without human involvement to inactive viruses and other germs.

Disinfectant robots never get sick, never get tired and pay for themselves in a matter of months, sometimes weeks. Most important, they save lives and save businesses as they bring employees, clients and customers back to the workplace.

The video here features our ultraviolet light (UV-C) PureTech robot, which is being deployed by a professional cleaning company in New York state to sterilize facilities at two hospitals. Our Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) PureTech misting robot can be seen on the Robots and Newsletter pages. Want to learn how our clients are faring with their robots? Check the Newsletter page. We also recommend checking our Blog, which is filled with articles on Covid19, the vaccine and the future of pandemics.

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